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Identifying Your Kid's Inherent Talent
November 12 2018 | 0 Comments

4 Powerful Ways Of Identifying Your Kid's Inherent Talent

Akrit Jaswal, the kid who performed a surgery at the tender age of 7; PriyanshiSomani, also called the human calculator - the youngest participant and winner of the international mental calculation world cup at the age of 12, are one of the few child prodigies who have surprised us with their massive talents. Often we also notice successful individuals – musicians, dancers, artists, etc. talk about how the talent they possess showed up while they were kids and how they pursued the same. On the other hand we also see individuals who have come a long way with talent and hard work.

An inherent talent in kids doesn't always come with a symbol to identify them or with a call to nurture them. Hence the strong need and responsibility for parents to identify the talents their kids possess. Here are four simple steps and healthy tips for kids that can help you identify and nurture inherent talent in your kids::


1. Discover what makes you angry 

Identifying Your Kid's Inherent Talent

Carefully notice what the kid is inclined towards and what he/she enjoys doing. Natural interests of a kid will be highlighted right from the beginning- like for example a kid who is inclined towards music may stop doing whatever he is doing and hum along. However he won’t be shining in the particular field from the very beginning, as it will take time, effort and proper nurturing to do so.


2. Observe what arises your kid’s curiosity 

Praise and Encourage the Kid

A kid would naturally be curious about whatever interests him. Hence he would ask a lot of questions, be very enthusiastic about it and be interested in knowing more about it. For example if a kid is interested in playing the Tabla, he would ask questions about the instrument, would want to try and play them which proves that he is fascinated by the subject.

3. Praise and Encourage the Kid 

advice for new parents

Once you have noticed your kid’s talent, praise and encourage him with regard to his activities. That way the kid will become more confident and he will realize himself that he is good in that particular thing. Encouragement and praising works wonders for kids and they would eventually get a good understanding of their interests.

4. Get them talking 

parenting tips

Once in a while sit down and have a good talk with your kid. Talk about how his/her day was, what was the best part, what was the worst part and so on. That way you would get an understanding of what your kid likes, dislikes, enjoys and hates. Do some activities with him and be a part of his routine. That way you will get a clearer idea of what his talents are. Keep a tab on how your kid’s behavior is changing with time. The kind of sports or games he or she plays, the TV shows he/she enjoys also give us an indication about the kid’s natural talents.

It is a well-known fact that healthy kids are more energetic and thus can focus on multiple tasks in hand (studies or extracurricular activities) as compared to an unhealthy or weak kid. It is thus very critical to keep our kids healthy by developing their immune system so that they don't fall sick often. The immune system is developed by eating healthy food, along with strong lifestyle choices and adequate exercise.

Unfortunately, there are other external factors that affect our kids’ health like pollution, adulterated food, lack of exercise etc. Recent studies conducted in India have shown that kids today receive less than 50% RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of key immunity nutrients. At such a juncture we need external support along with what we do for kids. Health supplements like ActivKidsImmuno Boosters are specially made for kids to provide up to 100% RDA of key nutrients for our kids. It comes in a yummy choco-bite format that your kids will love plus it has 11 nutrients that will help boost your kids’ immunity.

Your kids need to be in their best form to perform well in both academics and non-curricular activities. A healthy body means they get to do more with the time they have and follow the interests and hobbies they love.


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