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4 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In School
November 19 2019 | 0 Comments

4 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In School

As a parent, you want your child to do well in school and be a model student. You can ‘force’ your kids to complete their homework and study regularly. But how do you make sure that your little one actually takes an interest in learning and growing to the best of their talents and abilities? For this, you’ll have to do a little homework on your part as well.

Here are 4 tips to guide you and impart the skills necessary for your child to succeed in academics and beyond!

1: Encourage Learning, Not ‘Studying’

Encourage Learning, Not ‘Studying’

Kids are naturally inquisitive and the best way to make them love school is to show them how they get to learn something new every day. Once your kid realises that every subject teaches them new knowledge, that topic will become a lot more interesting. This understanding will instil a curiosity for life-long learning. So forcing your kid to study will become a thing of the past.

2: Be Creative With Schoolwork

Be Creative With Schoolwork

It’s really important for you, as a parent, to assess how your child learns. Till now, we’ve only been restricted to classroom and textbook learning. But in reality, kids respond differently to different teaching styles. Some children grasp information better with visuals, some through listening and speaking, and some through physical hands-on work. You can make use of highlighters, sticky notes, flash cards, mind maps and diagrams to help your child remember what they’ve learnt from their school books.

3: Don’t Let Schooling Stop

Don’t Let Schooling Stop

Summer vacation or the weekend is the best time for fun family learning activities! Watch and review documentaries, videos and movies together. Challenge your kids to memory, card and board games. Spend time in the library and invest in books apart from school textbooks. Take your kid to an air-and-space museum, a natural history museum, a science museum or an art museum and encourage them to interact and ask questions.

4: Set A Disciplined Routine

Set A Disciplined Routine

Allocate a routine for sleep, meal times, homework, hobbies and play to teach your little ones how to manage time. Encourage your child to take up activities they enjoy, like sports, arts, music or dance. This will hone their passion and talents and aid in their overall health, development and success.

Apart from these tips, the right nutrition plays a key role in your child’s growth and development. Make sure your kid eats a balanced, healthy diet throughout their growing years. You can even supplement their diet with a nutrition support. Brain Boosters by Cipla is a brain supplements for kids, designed as a delicious choco-bite. It is enriched with real almonds, brahmi and brain nutrients to help maximize 5 areas of brain health: memory, concentration, attention span, grasping power and learning capacity.


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