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November 17 2018 | 0 Comments

5 Amazing Changes Noticed In My Kid After Taking Up The #Yeschallenge

Some days ago, I received a video on WhatsApp on how to discipline kids. My daughter’s friend’s mom had shared it on our school WhatsApp group. Initially I ignored the video thinking that it was just another video on WhatsApp, you know how we get atleast 5 a day. But then I watched it and it made me pause. It was a mother’s video and how she changed her parenting style and the benefits she saw in her kid. It made me realise what damage I was doing to my little one by being over-protective. I realised that every time I said “No” to her, it stopped her from exploring the world. She became fearful and was afraid of many things and all these behaviours were side-effects of constantly saying “NO”. That day I decided to change myself. I decided to become a #YesMom and accepted the #YesChallenge. Initially it was difficult for me, but whenever I felt like saying NO, I paused, took a deep breath and said “YES”.

This is the video I was telling you about…


Ever since I took up the #YesChallenge, I saw many positive changes in my daughter. Her fear went away, and she became a happier child.  Here are some of the changes I noticed…

From introvert to extrovert:

I never used to send my kid to play with other kids without being there myself. But I have stopped doing that now. I continue to take my office calls from home while I send her to play in the apartment. She became friendlier and started speaking to other kids of different age groups. My neighbors also noticed the changes in her. She also overcame the fear of meeting new people. She used to hide behind me when she was introduced to new people. But ever since I stopped saying “NO”, she started greeting them proactively and smiling at others.

Started taking part in various activities in school:

She has started taking the initiative in school by participating in various competitions. She knows that she does not need my permission to participate in competitions in school. Teachers have appreciated her for overcoming her shyness and coming forward actively to participate in events and competitions.

Cooking and eating new food:

I must say that my daughter inherited my cooking skills. She has started making omelets. Though she messed up twice while breaking eggs, I did not stop her from doing her experiments. I cleaned up the mess and also assisted her in making her omelets. She does the breaking of eggs and mixing of spice powders and salt. I do the cooking part on the gas. But she feels happier and eats the whole omelet when she makes it herself. This way she also realized that food should not be wasted because of the effort we spend in making it. This has also made her open to other food items like fruits and green veggies which earlier she used to resist.

Fear of water went away:

Ever since she was born, she was scared of water. But, recently I allowed her to get wet in rains and to enjoy the moment. These childhood days will not come again. Due to this, her fear of water has reduced. Every time it rained she used to cry thinking that floods will occur and we will all drown! ( I don’t know where she picked up this idea!) But after getting wet in rains and playing with paper-boats, she has started enjoying it and realized that it is needed to fill the bore-wells and to increase the water levels.

Bought only what is needed, thus saving money:

She now shops along with me in malls and chooses her own food items like veggies that she wansts to eat… By allowing her to choose whatever she wants we started saving money. When she chooses to buy her own compass box and water bottle, there are more chances that she will be more careful and use it for a longer time. Also, she learnt how to shop and choose things for herself.

There are many such things that I noticed in my kid after saying “YES”. Of course, I know when to say NO. But that does not happen frequently like before. As a result, my daughter has become much more confident. Confidence is very much needed in today’s competitive world. Along with confidence, we have to ensure that they are independent and capable of making certain decisions. I believe that the #YesChallenge has made a huge difference already and if you have seen the video, you will agree with me! I also said Yes to one more thing. This is a nutritional product that Cipla has launched recently, ActivKids Immuno Boosters. It comes in a choco-bite format and helps in building immunity. Along with our Yes that builds their confidence, we need to build their immunity as well. And coming from Cipla I trust the product. I am using the product and hope to see benefits.

So readers, Have you ever thought about how the word “No” impacts your little one? Trust me, these are the changes that I saw in just a few days. Imagine what a huge impact this is going to have in the long term! Every mother needs to have the word “Yes” in her arsenal and become a #YesMom!  To know more about the #YesChallenge visit –

Are you ready to be a #YESMom? Do let me know what all changes you saw in your child after taking up this challenge. Share your story using the #YesChallenge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag the Immuno Boosters page. You might get a chance to attend the #YesMom day in Mumbai and other exciting things.

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