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food to increase immunity in child
October 25 2018 | 0 Comments

5 Vital Elements For Building Your Child’s Immunity

The most crucial ingredients in a child’s life are what they eat, their fitness and sleep habits, and our overall lifestyle. Here are 5 steps to ensure your bub has the immunity to tackle any challenge:


Select wholesome foods

Include foods like beets, mushrooms, salmon, walnuts, berries for a refreshing and healthy meal. A rainbow diet is highly recommended for your little one.


Timely and correct immunization

Always check with your paediatrician for the right vaccine, its right dosage and the right time to administer it.

Good Hygiene

Inculcate good hygiene

Begin early and teach your child the difference between clean and dirty. Setting yourself up as an example to teach your child good hygiene works the best.

Calm Environment

Ensure a calm and stress-free environment

A set routine, early bedtime, enough outdoor time and quality time spent with the family can help your child stay stress free and healthy.

Daily Exercise

Ensure daily exercise

Outdoor play and exercise is a great boost for kids in terms of strengthening their immunity. Ensure at least half an hour of outdoor play every day.

Building and boosting your child's immunity is a continuous process and a lifestyle choice and a mother's role in it is significant.

In addition to all these steps, introduce your child to the many benefits of Activkids Immuno Boosters. The choco-bite format of Immuno Boosters makes them delicious for your child and provides almost 100% RDA (recommended Dietary allowance).

Make the right choices for your child today!


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