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5 Ways To Help Your Child Study Better
July 04 2019 | 0 Comments

5 Ways To Help Your Child Study Better

Children are known for being naturally inquisitive. But most parents would agree that studies or homework usually fails to capture their interest! It could be because your child finds the topic boring and not stimulating enough or doesn’t understand the point of studying that particular subject. If it’s difficult to get your kids to study or if they struggle with a particular subject, here are a few parenting tips to motivate your children!

1: Focus On Learning, Not Studying

School isn’t about studying; it’s about learning something new every day. Once your kids realize that each subject teaches them something new, learning becomes a lot more interesting. This attitude helps nurture a passion for life-long learning and you’ll never have to force your kids to study again. They’d be excited to explore and know more about various topics on their own.

2: Understand How Your Child Learns

We’re so used to the classroom and textbook learning methods that we don’t see beyond these outdated techniques. In reality, there are so many different learning styles. Some kids learn better by seeing how things work, some retain information better through listening. Some children need interaction with their surroundings while some learn by writing everything down. Some learn better in groups, some prefer self-study. It’s so important to view your kid as an individual with unique requirements.

3: Make Learning Engaging

Now that you understand your child’s learning style, make studying fun for them. Use flash cards, sticky notes and colourful markers to make mind maps, thought charts and diagrams of the topic that your kid is learning. Watch documentaries and videos, play educational games together and invest in books apart from school textbooks. For an immersive learning experience, take your kid to an air-and-space museum, a natural history museum, a science museum, an art museum or the library. Interact and ask your children questions and encourage them to question everything as well.

4: Establish A Disciplined Routine

To develop healthy habits in your kid, set aside enough time for play, hobbies, studies, meal times and sleep. Most kids’ attention spans start wavering after 20 to 40 minutes. It’s important to allow your kids to take a break in between study sessions. If your kid takes interest in arts, sports, music or dance, make sure they get enough time to enjoy and hone their hobby and innate talents while balancing school subjects. This helps your child stay refreshed and keeps them enthusiastic about their day’s routine.

5: Set Up A Reward System

Everything we do is motivated by an end result, be it personal satisfaction or an external reward. This system applies to kids as well. You can reward them with a chocolate, a weekend out, their favourite show, more play-time or fewer chores to do.

Here’s another clever trick. Instead of regular chocolate, you can stock up a tub of Cipla’s Brain Boosters at home. The kids’ supplement is designed as a delicious choco-bite enriched with real almonds, brahmi and brain nutrients. All you need is one choco-bite a day, to help maximize 5 signs of brain health: memory, concentration, attention span, grasping power and learning capacity. Your kid will love the chocolaty taste, and you’ll see the benefits too!


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