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anger management hacks form others
March 11 2018 | 0 Comments

7 Essential anger management hacks for mothers

Having a family, raising kids and being a mom are experiences that bring immense happiness. But just as everything comes in one big package, so does being a mom. Sometimes you feel such bursts of anger that it seems uncontrollable. However, your anger is doing no good either to you or your kids. In fact it is just gradually harming your kid. It is hence necessary to control that anger before it starts controlling you. Here are few positive parenting tips and anger management hacks for mothers:

1. Discover what makes you angry 

Once you realize that you are having an anger issue, stop yourself for a second and take a moment to discover what makes you angry. Accept that those things make you angry and lay it out before your family. Discuss it, find solutions and give yourself some time to overcome it.

2. Talk in a language that your kids will understand 

Normally your anger will be triggered by something your kids did, lack of support from your spouse, complaining, whining and so on. However in that fit of anger take control of yourself and be careful that you don’t end up using words that could do harm. Remind yourself that you will not be able to take back those words. Instead walk away and take deep breaths. Talk to them only after you are in a much calmer state.Parenting Tips And Trick

3. Take time out for yourself 

There is no doubt that physical exercise is a great way to mobilize your anger and divert it. Moms often don’t get enough time for themselves and hence it is often a reason for frequent bursts of anger. Exercising gives you a reason to find time for yourself, clear your head and it makes you feel good. In long term, it will definitely work very well for you.

positive parenting tips

4. Whisper the next time you feel the need to yell

When angry do the exact opposite of yelling i.e. whispering. Remember, your kids will learn what they see. Hence if they see you yelling, they will yell back. So next time when you feel like yelling, start whispering. It will make them stop whatever they are doing and would instead actually listen to you. Also, it will help you control your anger. 

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5. Remember that they are just kids

Never ever forget this. Adults tend to forget that they are little kids and they just go with the flow. They may or may not see your point of view. Use the moment that makes you angry to teach them instead of being angry and ruining it for both of you. 

Parenting Tips And Trick

6. Say Sorry

Majority of times a mom will feel bad for the way she behaved when she was angry. So instead of taking it all on you, go to your kid and say sorry. That way you will feel a lot better and you can also make your kid realize his mistake or whatever he did to make you angry.

good parenting tips

7. Stop saying No every time

In the end, it is advisable that we as a parent should not say ‘NO” for everything which looks illogical or trivial from an adult’s point of view. We should understand their world and play along. Let the kids enjoy their studies, games, free time and food. Instead of saying ‘NO’ to our kids out of concern for their health, we should take proactive steps to benefit them, like quality exercise time, good sleep, a balanced diet coupled with some health supplement that will complete their daily nutritional requirements. One such product is the ActivKids Immuno Boosters that comes in a yummy, healthy choco-bite format that both you and your kids will love. With your kids healthy, you can now be much relaxed and spend some quality time with them.

positive parenting tips


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