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Fun Indoor Activities For Kids During The Rainy Season
August 26 2019 | 0 Comments

Fun Indoor Activities For Kids During The Rainy Season

If kids had their way, they’d head outside to play every day in the monsoons! As a parent, you know better than to let your kid get wet in the rains and catch a cold. But how do you make sure your high-energy child won’t get bored from staying cooped up indoors?

Here’s a look at 5 creative and fun activities that are perfect for your kid during the rainy season.

Rock Some Smileys

You’ll need to pick out smooth, round stones for this arts & crafts activity. Get acrylic paint home and help your kids colour the rocks. Then stick on googly eyes and create funny smiley faces together to make your very own rock family.

Doodle On The Windows

Don’t worry about any mess! Whiteboard markers work well on glass and can be easily wiped away. Get your kids to sketch out their imagination against a backdrop of lovely rain-stained windows. The doodling activity and the view of the rains will keep your kids entertained for a long time!

Bake A Cake

Any dull rainy day can become a delightful experience for your kids when it involves a reward as sweet as this. Your kids will jump with joy at the mention of the word ‘cake’! Let them help you measure the ingredients, whisk the delicious batter and set it to bake. One thing they will enjoy the most is licking the chocolate batter off the spoons. Once the cake has cooled down, offer your kids generous slices with a glass of warm milk.

Build A Blanket Fort

Your little prince and princess deserve a fort straight out of a story tale! While the rains pitter-patter incessantly outside, you can help your kids build a whimsical fort using chairs, blankets and pillows. Arrange some tasty snacks and steaming beverages, and have a dreamy picnic underneath the blanket canopy.

Raise A Tower Of Blocks

A box of lego or building blocks is the perfect accompaniment for your child on a rainy day. Let your kids’ creativity run free as they raise imaginative structures by balancing colourful blocks on top of each other. You can even make it a competition between your kids to see who raises the tallest, well-balanced tower first.

We hope you enjoyed these parenting tips! During the monsoons, it’s especially important to encourage healthy habits for your kids. This includes providing balanced meals, and a set routine for sleep-time and play.  You can choose to support your kid’s regular diet with a nutrition supplement as well. Cipla’s Immuno Boosters is a yummy choco-bite packed with 11 key nutrients that help build your kid’s immunity shield in any weather. So the next time, you won’t have to be overly concerned when your kids want to rush out in the rains!


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