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July 14 2018 | 0 Comments

How Becoming A #YesMom Changed My Home


So, I recently came across a video that was talking about #YESmom challenge. I was very curious as I felt it meant what it stated so explicitly and I resonated with it. Watching the video only confirmed what I had thought of it. It’s about a mom who adapts positive parenting tips and says more ‘Yes’ to her child. I am a first time mom and I judge myself constantly over parameters and standards laid down by me, and I just feel I have one shot at it and I have to do it right the first time. Indian society is all about children being lucky to grow around grandparents. The grandparents spoil the grandchildren crazy. I can say it because I have seen that happen daily. But the grandparents are over cautious and that comes along with a series of saying “NO” to the grandchildren. Sometimes these rub off on you as parents too. I have always tried to tell them that the way you are going to raise my baby is by not discouraging her to explore her naturally curious instincts even if it means at the cost of the mess it creates, or things she breaks, or pages she tears, or walls she colors, or flashcards she folds, or tissues she tears apart, the keys she hides, the ‘toddlernado’ she throws, unless it comes in way of harming her in any way. Harming or hurting.

It’s at that moment I turn completely inward in my approach to being a #YesMom. This video (that you must watch for yourself) has helped me realise that though I encourage her to explore her curiosity but I let her do so by not exploring her independence of movement. I have always been so scared of her on a swing, her trying to climb up on the bed by herself and making the landing right at the edge of the bed, her trying to climb onto the bed railing, her surprising me one day by walking with the help of her doll pram, finding her sitting on the third step of staircase (how did you even reach there?!), her eating from floor, her hands not being clean, her trying out my heels, list goes on and on….I can only say these are my trigger points that make me shout at her just to get my point across before she breaks into a laugh because I can’t maintain that serious shouting face at her ever!

But yes, these things only make me even more cautious and I end up hovering around her more in name of her safety from herself. I think of myself as not a helicopter mom, but I also need to learn to trust my baby and her independence.

This video has helped me do just that, because these baby steps that I eventually did let her continue with (with great caution on my end) led to her becoming more confident in doing these activities. I know how my faith and trust in her ability means so much to her and she thinks she can do it just because I believe in her. From one milestone to next, now I am sure I will be more trusting towards her and overcome my irrational over protectiveness for her. I even showed this video to her grandparents in order for them to also understand the importance of being not just a #YesMom on my end but also how this thought process of saying yes to her on many levels is required by her caregivers. This approach has worked wonders majorly for her but also has helped reduce my stress

levels and over all worrying that I am so used to. I can tell you I have watched the video more than once and realised that this is a movement spearheaded by  ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla, which is a nutritional supplement that helps build kid’s immunity. I love that it comes in choco-bite form which kids will love. I will use this product since building strong immunity for kids is very important. I suggest you should try out too. Now with a #YesMom attitude and a product that assures me that my kid will be protected from illness and infection, it’s time to relax and go back one step and say YES to more things as a mom on her journey to being a #YesMom for the benefit of her child. It’s tough for a mom like me who has never even hired help out of the love for her baby and has only recently started giving reigns fully to the grandparents in her absence.

So are you ready for the #YesChallenge? Ready to be the #YesMom bringing change in her household by starting from herself first? It’s tough but you can get there! Join me in the movement here.

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