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Parenting Tips And Tricks
October 07 2018 | 0 Comments

My Transition into a #Yesmom

Right from best of the crafts, food, birthday’s and education, I’ve tried to give my best to my son, right from his early days. However it is never easy to say ‘Yes’ all the time, there have been so many times I’ve knowingly or unknowingly said ‘No’ to him.

Mom’s are the best judge for what is best for their kids, however in the hustle bustle of our lives we end up upsetting our kids for reasons totally unknown. Our ‘No’ for a small thing may be perceived in a totally different way by the kids and it may go in an unintentional way, taking them away from the most cherished childhood.

So it is very important to have a continuous dialogue with our kids, be engaged with them every day and make sure some of our decisions are not causing them harm in any way.

From the time I’ve become a mom, I’ve transitioned more into a ‘Yes’ mom, it’s never easy, but I’ve tried my best. To make this transition I make sure I’ve a continuous dialogue with him, I talk to him before he goes to school, pepping him up for the day, when he comes back, asking how his day was and what all he did and then connect closely with him at bed time.

These connects have ensured a close emotional connect and openness to share anything and everything. Just to give an example, when my son joined his new school this session, he wanted to start off with Horse Riding in his games period. My immediate reaction was ‘No’ and that he should play regular games like soccer and cricket with his friends. I was afraid, he might hurt himself and something may happen, which was totally out of my fancy. However when I connected with him closely I saw how passionately he wanted to develop a hobby, so I transitioned into a ‘Yes’ mom. I obviously made sure we bought him proper gear to protect him when he rides and he readily chose his own from a nearby sports store. I even personally went to his first class to – put my mind at ease and to build confidence in him, but being a ‘Yes’ mom gave me immense satisfaction.

Parenting Tips And Tricks

Similar with his lunch boxes, I was giving him a ‘No’ very often for what he should carry in his lunch box. This vacation, we sat together to craft out a weekly menu which has now been put on the fridge and we both enjoyed planning it out. Of course I also give in to his demands a few times but more or less we stick to it. Being a ‘Yes’ mom has again helped me have an amazing start to the new school year.

Are you being a ‘Yes’ mom? If not, this is the time to make this important transition and enjoy your kid’s childhood to the fullest. Believe me, these times won’t come back, so enjoy and let your kids enjoy too. Look at this interesting video on good parenting tips I found for making the point of transitioning into a ‘Yes’ mom. Join me here and be a #YesMom! Join me here and be a #YesMom!


This post has been done in collaboration with Cipla ActivKids Immuno Boosters, all views and story is my own.

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