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healthy tip for your children
July 29 2019 | 0 Comments

5 Rainy Day Exercises To Keep Your Kids Active Healthy

Did you know? Your toddler needs at least 180 minutes of physical activity while kids aged 5 and above require an hour of daily exercise in order to grow strong and healthy. Honestly, it’s not a problem getting your kids to run about and play since it’s the best way to burn off their high energy. But what happens on rainy days when it’s pouring outside? Jumping around in puddles is one of the exciting things a child looks forward to and should definitely experience once in a while in the monsoon. Of course, as a parent, we understand if you don’t want to risk them catching a cold.

Well, this season, don’t let the rains coop you indoors with a high-energy child. Today we take a look at the indoor games and activities you can plan for your kids when going outside to play isn’t feasible.

1: Balloon Game

This one’s a childhood favourite! Blow up a bunch of balloons and watch as your kids have fun playing with them. There’s just one rule: No balloon can touch the floor!

2: Hopscotch

You don’t need a pavement to play hopscotch. Just use a masking tape around the floor tiles and start the game!

3: Reading Exercise

This is an interesting activity that turns story-time into a fun exercise session. Take your kid’s favourite book and choose a word that’s repeated often in the pages. Start reading the story out loud. Whenever the common word comes up, your kid has to do some action, like a jumping jack or sit-ups.

4: Pillowcase Sack Race

This is an indoor spin on the traditional sack race. Choose old, worn pillowcases and get your kids to hop in. Then shout ready, steady, go!

5: Dance, Dance, Statue!

Play your kid’s favourite songs and get them to show off their cute moves. As the designated DJ, when you stop the music, everyone has to become a statue in their respective dance poses. Whoever doesn’t freeze on time is out of the game.

We hope you enjoyed these parenting tips for fun indoor games. Another healthy tip for your children is to give them Cipla’s Immuno Boosters. It’s a yummy choco-bite packed with 11 key nutrients that help build your kid’s immunity shield in any weather. So the next time you won’t even worry too much when your kids play out in the rain!


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