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healthy nutrition for kids
December 12 2018 | 0 Comments

Resilient Immunity System in Kids: A must

As a parent, I understand the importance of a resilient immunity system in kids. When my kid was growing up, he used to fall sick quite often. I was not clear why this was happening and was very concerned but one day I read an article on the internet about immunity and how it affects a kid’s body, and What is Immunity? how to make a child’s immunity strong. After taking corrective measures mentioned in the article and applying some common sense, I was able to build my kid stronger from inside. Since then he has been capable of fighting majority of disease causing germs effectively without the need for any antibiotics or drugs.

But before I tell you the steps to make your kid strong from inside, you should be aware of the basics of Immunity and its role in a kid’s defense system.

What is Immunity?

healthy nutrition for kids

Immunity is the power of the body to resist against any disease-causing organisms. Hence whether it is a polluted environment that we are surrounded by or organisms like fungi, parasites or bacteria, immunity enables the body to identify, fight and eliminate them. Body’s immune system is a highly complex and organized system that consists of tissues, organs, specialized cells that work in coordination to provide the required immunity. Simply said it is the first level of defense by your body to save itself against any harmful infections.

What is Resilient Immunity?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back. Here it means bouncing back to normal health. Resilience and immunity are inter-related. Thus if a child’s immune system is weak, resilience in a kid will also be weak. That simply means that recovery time will be higher as compared to a kid who has a healthy resilient immunity.

Why is building strong immunity a necessity?

As a mother, I can keep a clean home but what to do when my kid leaves the house. Wherever he goes whether it is in school or a playground, he would touch surfaces that are infested with thousands of pathogens and bacteria. I can’t control his external environment but I realized that I can certainly boost his internal immune system which would make him self- sufficient to fight against a bacterial or viral attack. As adults, our bodies have developed a mechanism to fight these germs very effectively but in a kid this ability is still in its development phase. Thus their internal system’s ability to fight or in other words their immunity is not developed yet to fight all types of harmful germs and bacteria.

That is how I understood that my kid was falling sick often because he had a weak immune system. But now the question arises how and what to do to increase immunity in our kids and make it resilient too.

How to build a child’s immunity?

There are several ways to boost a kids’ immunity. It is important that you start working towards boosting your kid’s immunity right from the very beginning. This is done by breastfeeding the baby and getting regular vaccinations for him. As the baby grows, other ways to boost their immunity is by serving fresh fruits and vegetables, making sure that your kid sleeps well and on time, indulges in physical exercises and so on.

For kids who are very active, growing and school-going, immunity supplements have become a necessity given the polluted environment we live in. Since we do not receive complete nutrition from the food we eat due to adulteration, it becomes imperative to take health supplements. Out of the many supplements available in the market, I found ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla to be very effective. The best part is that this is available in a choco-bite format so that kids do not even realize whether they are eating a chocolate or a supplement.

Activkids Immuno Boosters

It provides up to 100% RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of essential immunity nutrients like Vitamin A (anti-infective vitamin), Vitamin B9 (anti-auto immune stress vitamin), Vitamin C (anti-cold vitamin) and Iron. Cipla scientists have developed ActivKids Immuno Boosters after consulting with various pediatricians and keeping in mind the scenario and needs of Indian children in mind, which I found to be the most unique aspect of this product. Here is how the nutrients present in ActivKids Immuno Boosters helps build your kids’ immunity:

  • Helps in the formation of blood

  • Provides immune strength to fight germs

  • Strengthening of skin defense system

  • Helps in formation of immune cells

  • Protects body cells from damage

I have realized that awareness is the first step towards becoming a super mom. Once you are aware you should take corrective steps to build a strong foundation of a healthy, vibrant and resilient immune system for your kid so that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your kid is healthy and safe.



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