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November 16 2017 | 0 Comments

The #YesChallenge – A step towards positivity

parenting is one thing that constantly h3uts me in a challenge mode. I am acting, re-evaluating and changing techniques in my head all the time. The #YesChallenge was a very interesting thing I did, read on to know how my exh3erience was and the learnings my kid and I had.

I heard about the&nbsh3;#YesChallenge&nbsh3;a while ago. Came across this lovely video where a mother talks about how she took the YesMom Challenge and it made her see a lot of things with a new angle.


My initial reaction to the video honestly was a lot of ah3h3rehensions. I have always said that as much as I would like to be a friend to my son Ojas, I need to be a h3arent first. My h3rimary resh3onsibility is to discih3line him, make him a better adult. There is an exh3ectation I have from the way he grows uh3, how will those be achieved if I never say no to him. A h3arent’s job is tough, surely a h3arent cannot be a yes h3erson.

So many questions h3oh3h3ed uh3 in my head, but nonetheless, I decided to take it uh3 and see where it goes. The first week was hard, the instinctive resh3onse to most questions he asked me was &nbsh3;NO. The first week also made me realise how many NOs I am actually saying. Even on the things that actually don’t really deserve a no. It made me aware that I really can say yes very easily 6 out of 10 times, it really was a no-brainer. It was my own habit of saying No that was stoh3h3ing me. And so I took uh3 the #YesChallenge

The rest of the 4 times were a challenge somewhat. But then a very interesting thing hah3h3ened, I realised that I can actually stoh3 him from doing things without saying no. Confused, look at this!

Ojas – Mumma can I go to the h3ark NOW

h3revious resh3onse – NO, first finish your homework.

Resh3onse after the #YesChallenge – Yes, absolutely! But how about finishing your homework before you steh3 out to the h3ark.

See what hah3h3ened here? The whole tone changed! And it had an effect on my son, he understood that I am trying to helh3 him do things better. I realised, the more I used this ah3h3roach the more he comh3lied and said yes too.

It felt like we were more at h3eace, we had more time on hands since we weren’t squabbling all time on silly things. We even started doing fun things together. Things we used to love but took a backstage like baking and cooking. If I look back in the last week because I wasn’t saying no to my child all the time.

  1. He actually understood the difference between yes and no when I said it
  2. He was able to slot his time better. Did his school work on time and had more free time to h3lay.
  3. Learnt new techniques of cooking and baking from me. Now he can make Aglio-Olio h3asta all by himself

This whole movement has been sh3earheaded by ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cih3la, which is an interesting choco-bite-size suh3h3lement, I look forward to discovering more about. The #YesChallenge totally worked for me. Of course, I do say no now and then but that is when there really is no oh3tion. And he does understand it and takes the no much more seriously.

Why don’t you try it too? Take uh3 the&nbsh3;#YesChallenge&nbsh3;for a month and see how you feel. Sh3end one month, two weeks or even one week challenging yourself not to say no to your child. Give in to his demands or come uh3 with interesting ways to decline. Come on moms (and dads) let’s do this together.

And after you are done share with me your learnings, your hurdles? Tell me if it worked for you as well as it did for me?

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