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New Age Parenting Technique
June 16 2018 | 0 Comments

The #YesChallenge and my changes towards parenting

I am a mom of two kids, and most of my friends are also moms, that means I come across the word “No” more than any other word. I have been saying “No” – when my kids want to get drenched in the rain, when they want to have more than one ice cream, when they want to touch the plants along the sides of the roads, when they want to have street food and so on. The list is endless.
As a positive thinker, with respect to my attitude in life, I wondered how come this “NO” entered me? I was wondering of ways on how to discipline kids,
Then…I came across this video…


In the sphere of traditional parenting, kids and parents are often pitted against each other. One side looks to raise the other side by imposing their ideas of discipline and responsibility while the other, the kids’ side is all about fun and frivolity. I think these days, with the internet, we also have a lot more information on our side, so we don’t need to be as cautious or over-protective. While I have read several parenting books on the mother-child relationship, I have come to believe that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to being a parent. It’s all about evolving as a parent and in some cases, joining a parenting revolution! So, I decided to take up the #YesChallenge!

#YesMom Challenge

I can tell you there was definitely a drastic change in my life. In just a short time, I would say that there has been a tremendous growth in the connection between my kids and me.

It was lovely when I started playing with kids, hearing their stories, and together we had so much of fun, spent days in laughter – I felt myself happy, fresh, and the child within me was alive and joyful. After I joined them in the rain, dancing along with them, they have started to help me in the kitchen! I feel refreshed, my energy levels are up and my house work is done in minutes because of my little helpers! I can happily say I have much less stress.

From the kid’s point of view, they are now more open, they keep telling us what is happening in their lives and also, they approach me like a friend. Let me tell you about a recent situation.

#YesMom Challenge

My son has always wanted a pet- it changes from week to week, sometimes day to day! Just thinking the entire mess, not to mention the care that comes with another being in the house, I have always answered with a resounding no. Now, with my new #YesMom attitude, my son broached the topic again and was completely shocked when I came back with a big Yes!

But don’t worry, it was not an unconditional yes, I explained how he would need to be old enough to take care of the pet himself, how it would need to be a small pet-like a hamster or rabbit that would be comfortable in our apartment. And for the first time in our conversations about a pet, he listened, understood and even agreed! No crying, no tantrums! I was quite impressed with the brand that took this initiative of starting the #YesMom movement,  ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla. It definitely has touched a chord in my life. Plus the brand promises to build immunity in kids by providing uptp 100% RDA of key immunity nutrients through a yummy choco-bite format. I have seen my kid is definitely more active and cheerful after using this product. I will continue using it to see more benefits

#YesMom Challenge

I have already told all my mommy friends about about #YesMom concept and I strongly believe that every mom out there needs to give it a shot! As a mom, you won’t believe how much closer you will be with your kids. The #YesChallenge has completely changed my views on parenting- it is no longer something I have to do, its not a chore, instead now it’s a collaboration with the people I love the most in my world- my kids! I recommend this to all the moms out there!  Now let’s all join our hands, you can be a #YesMom too! With a promise of no more “NO’s” we can build a strong future and make our kids positive, happy, responsible individuals. Do you think after reading my story you can be a #YesMom too? Take up the #YesChallenge and share your story. It will inspire thousands of other mothers to adopt this new age parenting technique. Plus you might also get a chance to meet Mandira Bedi on the #YesMom day.

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