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July 05 2019 | 0 Comments

Tips To Improve Your Child’s Memory Skills

Kids can get quite easily distracted and fail to follow a multi-step directions. Maybe your child is working on a craft project with you, and you ask them to grab a bottle of glue from the top drawer in your room. On the way, they join their sibling who’s watching TV. When you call out after 5 minutes, they’ve completely forgotten and rushed out to you empty-handed.

This is just an example, but working memory refers to the ability to retain information in your mind while managing different tasks together or completing activities one after the other. Working memory is important for remembering rules, following instructions, and solving maths problems.

Here are a few everyday tips to improve your child’s working memory.

1: Use Visual Exercises

Ask your kids to visualize what they read or hear by drawing it out or making a mind map. Not only is it fun for your child to work with colours and markers, but it also helps better retain information and makes it easier for them to describe it later.

2: Involve All Senses

The best way for your children to process information is by utilising a multi-sensory approach. When understanding a subject, practice loud reading, make it interactive with questions, jot down notes and use highlighters for important text. All these aid in improving your kid’s working and long-term memory. For household chores, you can write down the tasks, read them out aloud and give visual cues.

3: Let Your Child Become The Teacher

Whenever your kid learns something new, ask them to become the teacher and explain it to you as if you were the student. This ensures that they immediately work through, analyse and apply the information they have acquired.

4: Encourage Card Games & Fun Activities

Enjoy memory games and card games like Uno and Go Fish with your kids. These activities boost your kid’s memory skills as they have to understand the rules of the game, keep in mind what cards they can play and remember the cards that others may have.

5: Break Down Information & Make Connections

It’s very difficult to grasp a long string of information. Which is why we always learn a phone number in hyphenated sets of numbers, or use mnemonics for remembering a group of multiple words. A popular mnemonic device is VIBGYOR, for the sequence of the colours of the rainbow, namely Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Mer-VE-Ma-J-SUN-P is commonly used for remembering the order of the planets: (Mer) Mercury, (V) Venus, (E) Earth, (Ma) Mars, (J) Jupiter, (S) Saturn, (U) Uranus, (N) Neptune, and (P) Pluto.

Include these practices in your child’s daily activities to aid in retention and retrieval of information. The right nutrition can also help boost your kid’s working and long-term memory. You can try Cipla’s Brain Boosters, a yummy choco-bite supplement enriched with real almonds, brahmi and key brain nutrients. Just one choco-bite a day, contains nutrients that helps improve 5 signs of brain health: memory, concentration, attention span, grasping power and learning capacity. Interested?


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