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Here are 3 eating practices that will help boost your child’s mental wellness and exam performance!

As a parent, you want your child to do well in school and be a model student. You can ‘force’ your kids to complete their homework and study regularly.

How often do you feel like your little one is growing up super-fast? Before you know it, they’re basically ready for their first day of school!

Come monsoon and kids look forward to dancing under the rain, jumping in puddles, sipping on steaming beverages and gobbling up hot, fried snacks. Howe

If kids had their way, they’d head outside to play every day in the monsoons! Here’s a look at 5 creative and fun activities that are perfect for your

Replace the fried snacks with healthy monsoon recipes that your kids will love equally! Watch your kids look forward to these 5 delicious and nutritio

Well, this season, don’t let the rains coop you indoors with a high-energy child. Today we take a look at the indoor games and activities you can plan

Here are Immuno boosters present a few everyday tips to improve your child’s working memory.

Children are known for being naturally inquisitive Here are the 5 Ways To Help Your Child Study Better

Dealing with temper tantrums of a toddler can try the patience of the most even tempered parent too. The idea to overcome your toddler’s tantrums is to

Summer vacations have begun and school’s finally out. Now that your young ones have so much free time, how do you keep them active and entertained thro

We tell you how to make use of nature’s gift to bring down the ill-effects of heat and keep the energy levels high. Here are 7 seasonal foods brimming

Summer’s scorching heat is responsible for a lot of problems including fatigue, dehydration and dizziness. That’s why it’s important to replenish nutri

So which nutritional supplements for kids should be included in the diet that will provide nourishment to the child’s health in the stressful exam peri

There is no debate - everyone must eat healthy and nothing more than a balanced diet for kids can be important.

If you’re looking for healthy food for your kids, here are 5 items that you can add to your kid’s winter diet which will help fight cold from the insid

The most crucial ingredients in a child’s life are what they eat, their fitness and sleep habits, and our overall lifestyle.

Your little munchkin's growth is the result of billions of cells, muscles and bones busy at work. The right nutrients and food are critical to their gr

It is always said that the foundation to anything has to be strong for long term benefits. The same holds true for our kids too when we are nurturing t

I’d say it’s a feeling, it’s a word that holds positive sentiments. Doesn’t it make you feel elated to hear it as a response?

It’s natural to say ‘No’ to your child often, because you are worried for her health. But is there a way to be a Yes Mom? Find out!

It is a challenge to manage kids without uttering “no” at all times. But, here is something this mom found out.

Parenting is an art that needs the mom (parent) to be patient and mindful of what you say and what you do.

Being a mother is something most women dream of, but only a few are prepared to deal with when motherhood hits them.

We’ve been traveling so much recently that all my latest blog posts are on travel tips.

Do you think you have it in you to be a mom who says ‘Yes’? I didn’t, not until I reflected on a number of things to make it possible.

Being a Blogger Mom who spends most of her time online, I hardly miss trending hashtags and online challenges related to my niche.

As parents, I’m sure most of us use the word, ‘No’ more than any other in our vocabulary. But what else do we do to keep a tab on our little devils?!

I am a mom of two kids, and most of my friends are also moms, that means I come across the word “No” more than any other word.

Parenting is one thing that constantly puts me in a challenge mode. I am acting, re-evaluating and changing techniques in my head all the time.

During the initial days of motherhood, I found a study that said that the average toddler hears the word 'NO' about 400 times a day!

Recently I stumbled upon this video and like the mother in the video, it made me ask myself certain searching questions.

Some days ago, I received a video on WhatsApp. My daughter’s friend’s mom had shared it on our school WhatsApp group.

Recently, I came across a video on social media that showed a social experiment where moms saw the effects of saying ‘no’ to their kids.

So, I recently came across a video that was talking about #YESmom challenge. I was very curious as I felt it meant what it stated so explicitly and I r

Being a mom is no joke – especially, if it is your first child. I have always been unsure and skeptical about everything I do around him or let him do.

Recently I saw a video about a social experiment conducted by ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that I never claim to be a great parent. For me, it is a journey of learning that helps me

How saying NO affects kids – The other day I was looking at a video shared by a mom in our Mommy group.

Right from best of the crafts, food, birthday’s and education, I’ve tried to give my best to my son, right from his early days.

As parents, we are often required to say no to our children. And most of the time it is for a good reason.

I did what I saw. I learned from other mothers around and thought that I need to protect my children from rain, cold, heat and any other thing that cou

Being a parent isn’t easy. Forgetting that you’re one is even more difficult. Once a parent, you will always think, feel, assess, react, celebrate and

I am constantly observing the way children react to situations, their behavior, their happiness quotient etc. Why? Because I am always questioning myse

When my little one started learning her first words- she rattled off "mom", "dad", "cow" and "apple", much to our joy.

Disciplining children is an important activity every parent is challenged with. Be it your 2-year-old child or a 12-year-old, discipline is extremely i

Cold and Cough season is amongst us, particularly with the monsoons going on (at least for those of you in the tropics), and all the post-diwali pollut

When we think of health, we think in terms of wellness and freedom from illness.

A couple of years back I remember hearing someone say that worry is second nature to mothers. At that point, though, I didn't really grasp the validity

It is said that you are what you eat. Rather, what you eat today will shape how you live tomorrow. There is an indelible truth in every word of this st

A fit and healthy child can achieve wonders and a child’s immunity plays a crucial role in his or her success.

As a parent, I understand the importance of a resilient immunity system in kids.

Akrit Jaswal, the kid who performed a surgery at the tender age of 7; PriyanshiSomani, also called the human calculator - the youngest participant.

A growing kid is super-active and super-energetic. The body is undergoing a gradual transformation with billions of new cells, muscles and bones buildi

Having a family, raising kids and being a mom are experiences that bring immense happiness. But just as everything comes in one big package, so does be

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