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Why we started this programme

Kids spend 1/3 of their day at school and hence the phrase “school is like their second home” where they learn something new everyday!1

75% of our school buildings have outlived and are suffering from 'Sick Building Syndrome'. Here, buildings aren't "sick", but their conditions can cause the children to fall ill.2

44% of principals reported that poor environmental factors such as deficient lighting, intolerable indoor air, poor noise control and building decay interfere with the class room instruction. Thereby leading to lack of student learning, poor academic performance and in extreme cases, absenteeism.3

  • 1 Calculated from Mark Schnieder. Do school facilities affect academic outcome? National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities 2002 Report []
  • 2 American Association of School Administrators (AASA) []
  • 3 Ronald B. Lumpkin, I. P. (2013). School Facility Condition and Academic Outcomes. International Journal of Facility Management, Vol. 4, No. 3 October

What we do

Suraksha is Cipla Health’s school contact program to start a revolution to ensure that every child is protected against threats to their Immunity. A child’s immunity is what makes a child progress smoothly in life. Through the Suraksha program, we connect with School Principals, Mothers and Kids and equip them with the requisite information to build strong Immunity.

Suraksha is our little step towards an India full of healthy kids and happy schools.

Our Approach

Empower schools to keep every child healthy

Counselling through expert nutritionists to ensure good health for kids

Reach out to kids and teach them good habits to maintain strong Immunity

The on-going Revolution

Empowering moms and kids alike in schools across India.