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Will it help for increasing the height of kid?


Answer: Immuno Boosters provides key nutrients important for your child's immunity system. A strong immunity protects against recurrent illnesses that can lead to poor nutrient intake and stunted growth.

Is Activekids immuno boosters applicable for 3 years baby?


Answer: Yes, ActivKids Immuno Boosters is available in 3 different packs for kids in the ages 2-3, 4-6 and 7+ years.

Is it gluten free?


Answer: Yes, the product is gluten-free.

Does it contains egg or egg extract?


Answer: No, Immuno Boosters doesn't contain egg/egg extract.

Shoud we consult with pideatrition for this?


Answer: You do not need a doctor's prescription as it is an over-the-counter immunity supplement.

Will it be melt during transit?


Answer: Even if it melts, efficacy of the product won't be affected.

Is immuno boosters available in sachets?


Answer: Each Immuno Booster choco-bite is packed in a sachet. A single tub of Immuno Booster contains 30 choco-bites.

Can adults eat this as a snack?


Answer: Yes, sure they can. However, adults might not realize the nutritional benefits as they have different nutritional needs.

Is it good enough alternative to polio drops and vacciantion?


Answer: Immuno Boosters is great to boost your child's immunity. However, it cannot be an alternate to vaccinations. Kindly consult a paediatrician regarding the vaccinations.

How do I know if my child has weak immunity?


Answer: If your child falls sick repeatedly, is more vulnerable to serious infections and takes longer to recover, he/she has a weak immune system.

Can I give my kid Immuno Boosters every day?


Answer: Yes, the dosage is one per day. Don't go beyond the recommended dosage.

At what age can I give Immuno Boosters?


Answer: You can give your child Immuno Boosters from the ages of 2 onwards.

Can Immuno Boosters alone boost my child's immunity?


Answer: Immuno Boosters supplements your child's nutrition intake and hence a healthy diet is important to get the best benefit.

When is the best time to give my kid Immuno Boosters?


Answer: You can give your child one choco-bite daily during meal times.

Can I melt it and use in Milk?


Answer: Although it sounds like a tempting thing to do, it is not advisable to heat it or melt it in milk.

My child is 12 years of age. Is it alright for me to give him the 7+ immuno boosters. Is there an age limit for this product? Also, would it be of help to his health?


Answer: Each variant is developed keeping in mind the different nutritional requirements of different age groups. Rest assured, you can give the ‘Immuno Boosters for 7+ years’ pack to your 12 year old. It will definitely help boost his immunity.

My child is allergic to chocolate, as it aggravates cough and wheezing. Can i still give him these chocobites?


Answer: If your child is allergic to chocolate, it’s best to keep him away from it. But it is also important to know and understand why chocolate is allergic to your kid. Moreover, if you are looking to build his immunity and wish to give him Immuno Boosters because they are easy to be fed, please consult a pediatrician before doing so.

Immuno boosters are not available in local medicine shop in our town.


Answer: Can you please tell us your city name to assist you better

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