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How To Improve Children's Immunity?

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Immunity for kids, now in a choco bite
Activkids Immuno Boosters for 4 to 6 Years, 30 Choco-bites for 1 Month
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Immuno Boosters for your kid
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Hear from Expert Pediatricians
on Immunity & Nutrition

Nutrition is the base of active immunity. Hear from the experts about how the right vitamins and minerals affect your child’s overall health and wellness.

Dr. Prashant Juvekar
MBBS, MD – Pediatrics
32 Years Experience
Just Milk Is Not Enough
If you think that giving your child with
just a glass of milk with some energy powder is enough, think again.

Dr. Juvekar talks about the importance of the right nutrients in the right quantity.

Dr. E. Adarsh
MBBS, MD - Pediatrics,
Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
29 Years Experience
Balanced Diet:
Quantity & Quality Matters
If you are under the impression that
poor immunity is the problem, look more in-depth – poor nutrition is the underlying reason.

Dr. Adarsh explains how to give your quality food in the right quantity.

Dr. Bhaskar Shenoy
MBBS, MD - Pediatrics
30 years experience
The Link Between
Immunity & Infection
The busy lives we lead often lead to an imbalance in nutrition for our kids.

Dr. Shenoy explains how our lifestyle affects our food choices and our children’s health.

Choose the right pack for your kid

Immuno Boosters is available in 3 variants based on your kid’s age.
Tell us how old your kid is, we’ll recommend the right pack for you!


Building immunity is a continuous process. We recommend you use
Immuno Boosters for at least 3 months to see visible results in your kid.

Hear Other Parents Share Their Positive
Experience With Immuno Boosters!

Immuno Boosters is a tasty choco-bite, made by experts and recommended by paediatricians. It contains all the vital immunity nutrients your kid needs, is easy to use and easy to store – but does it really work? Listen to these mothers who chose Immuno Boosters and saw their kid’s overall health improve after using the product!

Ishrat Sivani
1 Choco-Bite. A World
Of Difference.
In just two months, Ishrat’s kids are falling sick less and eating more. Watch her story and learn how your child can benefit from Immuno Boosters!
Kim D’Souza
Moms Know Best!
Kim tried Immuno Boosters after she saw a fellow mom buying it – and it has changed her son’s life. Now it’s a regular on her shopping list!
Neelam Jaiswal
Recommended By Parents,
For Parents
Neelam discovered Immuno Boosters at a parenting session at her son’s school. It has helped her son, and she wants other moms to benefit from it too!
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all smiles with their Immuno Boosters!
By Namrata B
Health In Bite-Sized Chocolate Bars!
4th September,2017

Healthy Chocolate - does that sound like an oxymoron to you too? Well, not anymore. Active Kids Immunoboosters by Cipla is making sure kids get their daily RDA requirement and also boost their natural immunity through bite sized chocolate bars. Isn’t that enough of an incentive to get our precious ones to take a big bite towards good health! For moms all over the world, getting children to eat healthy is a daily battle, one that we develop our own techniques and methods to fight. From sneaking veggies into parathas to boiling them with soup, we’ve tried it all and then some. And now, there a product that helps kids get these necessary nutrients in a way they actually enjoy, i.e. eating chocolate!

By Honey Prisha
Must Buy, Excellent Product. My Kids Love It.
4th September,2017

I am in absolute love with the product. The taste is awesome, and the choco-bite format is the best. Kids always make parents run behind them for taking medicines and syrups but this bite-sized chocolate immunity booster makes them run behind you. It has helped to control the symptoms and severity of Delhi-bourne pollution symptoms that mimic viral and I'm very happy about my purchase







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