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Monthly pack of 30 choco-bites

Monthly pack of 30 choco-bites

  • Unique product, helps maximize 5 signs of brain health
    • Memory
    • Concentration
    • Attention Span
    • Grasping Power
    • Learning Capacity
  • Tasty choco-bite format, no need to mix in milk or water
  • Contains key brain nutrients, real almonds and brahmi
  • Specially made by scientists of Cipla, leaders in paediatric care in India
  • Product rigorously tested in approved laboratories for safety and efficacy
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Video Testimonials

Ishrat Sivani

"After using Immuno Boosters for last 2 months, I've seen great changes in her (daughter's) health"

Kim D'souza

"One thing that I'm happy about is, I don't have to check his (son's) tiffin box. I can see my son growing well"

Rupali Gavkar

"It's been 3 months since I've started giving her (daughter) ImmunoBoosters. And it's made a lot of difference"


Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - ActivKids Immuno Booster must try.

By Tilak

"ActivKids Immuno Boosters is quite an innovative format for nutrient supplement for kids. It tastes like any chocolate which kids will love to have it and as a parent one won't hesitate to give it because of its benefits. This will be one of nutrient supplement where parents won't have to run behind the kids for consumption. I gave this product to my niece and she loved it. Thumbs-up for the product in totality."
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Health In Bite Sized Chocolate Bars!

By Namrata B

"Healthy Chocolate - does that sound like an oxymoron to you too? Well, not anymore. Active Kids Immunoboosters by Cipla is making sure kids get their daily RDA requirement and also boost their natural immunity through bite sized chocolate bars. Isn’t that enough of an incentive to get our precious ones to take a big bite towards good health! For moms all over the world, getting children to eat healthy is a daily battle, one that we develop our own techniques and methods to fight. From sneaking veggies into parathas to boiling them with soup, we’ve tried it all and then some. And now, there a product that helps kids get these necessary nutrients in a way they actually enjoy, i.e. eating chocolate!"
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Great product for increasing immunity for kids

By Amazon Customer

"This product "ActivKids immuno boosters" ,I got from #HTC for try this is awesome product for kids to increase their immunity by just daily routine make them feel better,as I am giving my kid daily as he love chocolate one daily, now he is more active than before ,I will suggest everyone to try it for their kids to make them keep away health problems and always happy Note: Please only give one piece a day to your kids because is high dose if taken more a day it can cause problems"
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Nice taste and easy to have.

By Chirag

"Product taste is good. My daughter liked the taste. As far as immunity is concern which is very important for kids currently I can not comment as we are using this product from last 6 days only. More over I can say bar formats is very effective comparing to any other powder based health drinks. Its very easy to give child and taste is even better. Suggestion it should come in pure vegetarian variant also."
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Must buy, excellent product. My kids love it.

By Honey Prisha

I am in absolute love with the product. The taste is awesome and the chocolate bite format is the best. Kids always make parents run behind for taking medicines and syrups but this bite size chocolate immunity booster makes them run behind you. It has helped to control the symptoms and severity of Delhi Bourne pollution symptoms that mimic viral and I'm very happy about my purchase
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - I really liked the unique concept of giving nutrients for the children

By Tara Sz

First of all, I really liked the unique concept of giving nutrients for the children, which they readily take. Looks good, tastes good.. no hassle of nutritional supplements, drinks etc.. That is also a pretty difficult task. Children's immunity is really a BIG concern now a days are they are not getting enuf from food..Cipla Activkids Immuno Booster looks promising and will post again after a month the difference. The only thing I am worried about is its showing Non-Veg and what entails in it. Other than that its good.
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Kids would love this!

By Gaurav Mittal

My kid absolutely loved the chocolate bites and has been more energetic over the last 8-10 days since we started feeding it to her. Although the product is mentioned to be a non-vegetarian one, there is no meat, flesh, bones, egg etc. in the product. Just Vitamin D3 which is extracted from sheep wool has been added to product and as per regulatory requirements it has been categorized as non-vegetarian. Being a pure vegetarian, I had absolutely no concerns using this product.
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - My child like the taste very much

By Pritam Kumar Paul

"It is very much important is my kids immunity to me and it is served by Cipla Activkids immuno Boosters. The Vitamins and Iron components available in the supplement will definitely help my child grow stronger and sharper. My child like the taste very much. Its uniqueness is that the nutritional supplement is in choco-bite format, It is not required to mix with milk or water but can be taken at the time of meal. My child's interest to take the meal increases because for the supplement. Also he feels that it is like chocolates but it really it helps grow his immunity from internally. Very good item. I recommend this nutritional supplement."
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon Star icon - Improve immunity power with Activkids Immuno Boosters

By Bheemesh Chowdary Kacharagadla

this is highly recommendable for Kids especially 4-6 years. Because of it is growing stage, that to so many internal and external factors like improper diet, pollution....negatively affect a child’s immunity. we should careful on 4-6 age group because of infections attack immediately, infections due to low immunity lead to long term impact on growth and development of kids. so kids need nutritional supplement. This is the right product for kids for improve immunity power

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